White Ops unveiled the biggest botnet ever, called Methbot

White Ops cyber-security company revealed the largest botnet in history, called Methbot. In this article you’ll find full information about the net, its width and possible methods to shut it down.

CryptoMix ransomware adds .lesli extensions to files

 This brief article about CryptoMix .lesli ransomware will help you to understand what is ransomware, how you can avoid it, and how to remove it if it’s already on your PC.


Dangerous M4N1F3STO screen-locker

 Today’s news are about new brilliant joke of “hackers”, that is called M4N1F3STO. We know how to remove it and how to get rid of all its consequences.


What is CerberTear ransomware

This article is about new virus, called CerberTear. Is it a new version of infamous Cerber virus? Should we worry about it? All necessary info in the article!



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