How to remove DNS Unlocker pop-up ads

This article focuses on one question: how to remove DNS Unlocker quickly and without consequences.


How to remove adware

Active Internet users who spend a lot of time for web surfing, often face the computer infection with a variety of malicious software. Slow operation of the system, a lot of spam, pop-ups, change your browser's settings and system behind your back – that’s all the indicators of an infection.

How to remove (uninstall) SideCubes


In this article we are explaining how to remove SideCubes from computer and all well-known browsers! Here you'll find instructions for all versions of Windows, and for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, IE and Safari.


How to remove Wajam (Firefox, IE, Chrome)


Easy guide how to remove Wajam from PC and browser! If you are annoyed by "Ads by Wajam", "Powered by Wajam" or simple "by Wajam", you are welcome. The article includes information how Wajam adware infects computer, how to delete it manually and what is Wajam. If you can't delete the adware, you can just follow these steps - it will be easy!


How to remove RevContent (uninstall guide)

In this article we will help you to get rid of annoying "Ads by RevContent". You'll find the decent methods of removal, with step-by step instructions, desktop screenshots and videos on removing RevContent from Windows and all reputable browsers.


How to remove TurboMac easily

TurboMac is an advertising oriented program, whose main task is to earn money from advertising. The trick is that you won't earn those money, all profit will go to the adware developers, and you will receive tons of ads, redirections and banners.

How to remove My Safe Savings easily


This is a guide on removal of dangerous program, called My Safe Savings. My Safe Savings is an advertising-oriented program, or "adware". This means that it is displaying you ads, banners and pop-ups to earn money on the impressions and referrals.

How to remove Social2Search

This is an article about one of the most effective adware of recent months. It is called Social2Search, and we will help you to get rid of it. Article contains the detailed instructions on Social2Search removal from Windows and from all reputable browsers.

How to remove Caster (Wizzcaster adware)


Caster is an adware, whose main aim is to show you ads. This tool was developed to earn money, and it does this very well.

How to remove easily


In this article we will tell you about the virus, its functions, the techniques by which it infects the PC, and the methods of its disposal. Manual deletion and automatic removal tools.




White Ops unveiled the biggest botnet ever, called Methbot

White Ops cyber-security company revealed the largest botnet in history, called Methbot. In this article you’ll find full information about the net, its width and possible methods to shut it down.

CryptoMix ransomware adds .lesli extensions to files

 This brief article about CryptoMix .lesli ransomware will help you to understand what is ransomware, how you can avoid it, and how to remove it if it’s already on your PC.


Dangerous M4N1F3STO screen-locker

 Today’s news are about new brilliant joke of “hackers”, that is called M4N1F3STO. We know how to remove it and how to get rid of all its consequences.


What is CerberTear ransomware

This article is about new virus, called CerberTear. Is it a new version of infamous Cerber virus? Should we worry about it? All necessary info in the article!


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