How to remove Wajam (Firefox, IE, Chrome)


Easy guide how to remove Wajam from PC and browser! If you are annoyed by "Ads by Wajam", "Powered by Wajam" or simple "by Wajam", you are welcome. The article includes information how Wajam adware infects computer, how to delete it manually and what is Wajam. If you can't delete the adware, you can just follow these steps - it will be easy!


What is Wajam

How to remove Wajam



Wajam is an adware that has ability to infect registry keys and files into the Windows. Using browser's vulnerabilities this problem-ware checks the search questions, while you are surfing e-bay, amazon and other sites like these. It differs the site type and attempts to understand what special offers or coupons are approachable to show at the present time. In addition, Wajam succesfully applies the all set of spying methods: web beacons, cookies, etc. It try to give you special offers, that are the most relevant to your interests and browsing methods. Basically, Wajam collects the information about your clicks, search terms, actions on the internet pages you attend. Experts are now speaking about the opportunity to collect personal information, that is employed to demonstrate aimed advertisements and marketing articles. Wajam developers say that such control was maked only to perfect ads service and to enhance program's quality.

How to remove Wajam

Wajam is commonly infects computer, when the users installs free programs (mostly, if it's PDF creators, download-managers or video recording/streaming), that have this virus packaged into theirs installation wrapping. Some of the problem-ware that are known to pack Wajam hold other adwares. In order not to install the adware, constantly, try to pick the custom-type installation and deselect anyone tick that is not the main program you are downloading.

Deleting from Windows 7

1. Uninstall Wajam from Control Panel (Control Panel - Uninstall a program - Uninstall Wajam)

2. Delete folders

  • C:\Program Files\Wajam

3. Remove next registry keys


Removing from Windows 8

1. Point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and tap Search.

2. Enter control panel in the search box, and then click Control Panel.

3. Under View by:, select Large Icons, and then click Programs and features.

4. Click the program, and then click Uninstall.

5. Follow the instructions on the screen.

6. Uninstall Wajam from Control Panel (Control Panel - Uninstall a program - Uninstall Wajam)

7. Remove folders and registry keys like on Win7.

Instruction for Windows 10

1. On the field Search Windows type 'Control Panel'

2. Click Uninstall a program

3. Select Wajam and press Uninstall

How to uninstall Wajam from browser

Wajam is an unwanted browser add-on, which is aimed at displaying coupons, sponsored links and advertisements across a pop ups on online stores, video services like Youtube, social networks like Facebook, search engines like Bing, and other websites, that you are visiting. The authors of the tool say, Wajam can help you to save your money while browsing. Wajam pop-up windows will be shown as boxes containing various ads, that are obtainable when you visit common website. Or ads matched to the keywords, if you want to use any search engine. Wajam produces relevant coupons, when you are visiting online shops. This application works with the different browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Internet Explorer. IT experts advise you to remove Wajam from browsers and PC, because it collect your private info and share it with third parties.

How to uninstall Wajam from Mozilla Firefox

Delete add-on: Tools - Add-ons - Remove Wajam

Homepage: Tools - Options - General - Put “about:blank” into homepage field

To change new tab:

  • Put “about:config” into address bar;
  • Confirm the suggestion;
  • Search for “browser.newtab.url”;
  • Reset this field (right-click and choose reset).

How to remove Wajam from Firefox. Step 1How to remove Wajam from Firefox. Step 2How to remove Wajam from Firefox. Step 3

How to remove Wajam from Google Chrome

Remove add-on: Customize and Control Google Chrome - Tools - Extensions - Remove Wajam

Change homepage: Customize and Control Google Chrome - Settings - On startup-Set pages- Put “about:blank”

How to remove Wajam from Chrome. Step 1How to remove Wajam from Chrome. Step 2How to remove Wajam from Chrome. Step 3

How to delete Wajam from Internet Explorer

Disable add-on: Tools - Manage add-ons - Remove Wajam

Change homepage: Tools - Internet Options - General - Home page - Put “about:blank”

To change new tab: Tools - Internet Options - General -Tabs

How to remove Wajam from Internet Explorer. Step 1How to remove Wajam from Internet Explorer. Step 2How to remove Wajam from Internet Explorer. Step 3

Video guide



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Wajam step-by-step removal guide


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