How to remove Mac Auto Fixer from MAC OS


Our article was made to assist you to delete Mac Auto Fixer optimizer from your MAC in several plain steps. Here you can see an effective guide for manual elimination, well known AV software, and the advice how to protect the device against pop-ups.



Mac Auto Fixer adware



If you are currently on this page, you probably have a problem with fake pop-ups about viral infection. It is a frequent issue nowadays, because fake optimizers are becoming extremely popular, and they are living even on the most reputable sites. The trick is to realize how this software works. We are also aware of the ways through which virus penetrates the system, and we will explain to you what to do to prevent it. People always say: it is easier to ward off the infection than to deal with its fruits, and it is true. Our guide has the useful info about the unwanted programs.


What is Mac Auto Fixer. Removal reasons and methods

Mac Auto Fixer is an optimization tool for computers with MAC operating system. However, this program finds malicious viruses even on clean computer. Moreover, it shows irritating pop-ups with warnings and, when you try to close it, scare you by malware and system corruption.


Program launches every time after the computer reboot and starts to scan the system. So, your PC become slow, because of Mac Auto Fixer.




How to protect your computer

Until we have started uninstalling Mac Auto Fixer, we should explain to you about antiviral protection. We are not talking about an AV-program, because AV-utility cannot entirely guard you against viruses. Mac Auto Fixer uses alternative approach. Instead of sneaking into the computer in some sophisticated way, Mac Auto Fixer just asks for your order for installation. The most amazing thing is that you allow it. 90% PC operators agree. Mac Auto Fixer uses the bundled infection technique. It is more a hoax than a programming activity, yet it keeps working from the days when the Internet was developed. Hackers make a program bundle, put many dangerous tools in it, and give it a name of some reliable tool. Then any user is free to get it and install viruses and everything else. The breaking point of the scheme is the pop-up window in which you are offered to pick the way of installation. In most cases, it offers you choose a folder where you wish to have that program, modify its features or pick the optional modules that may be suitable for you. In case of Mac Auto Fixer, you pick between “get only the utility I need” and “install it all”. The cursor is automatically hovering on the option that scammers suggest, so you should just click “agree.” That’s how Mac Auto Fixer has entered the system.

Instructions how to remove Mac Auto Fixer



Step 1. Back up all data.

1. Set up Time Machine:

  • Open Time Machine preferences from the Time Machine menu;
  • Click Select Backup Disk;
  • Select an external hard drive, Time Capsule, or other storage solution from the list, then click Use Disk;
  • After you choose a backup disk, optionally click “Add or Remove Backup Disk” to add more backup disks for extra security and convenience.

2. To back up now instead of waiting for the next automatic backup, choose Back Up Now from the Time Machine menu.


How to back up files on MAC OS. Step 1


How to back up files on MAC OS. Step 2


How to back up files on MAC OS. Step 3


Step 2. Uninstall Mac Auto Fixer Application

  • In the Finder sidebar, click Applications
  • Drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash
  • Choose Finder > Empty Trash


How to uninstall application on MAC OS. Step 1


How to uninstall application on MAC OS. Step 2


How to uninstall application on MAC OS. Step 3


How to uninstall application on MAC OS. Step 4


Step 3. Check system folders

  • Check the directory /Home/Library/Applications Support/  MAC Auto Fixer could create there its own folder.


  • Check the directories /Library/LaunchAgents/ and /Library/LaunchDaemons/ because program can startup agents.


  • Fix a LogIn item or a startupitem. Open System Preferences and click on the Login Items tab. Choose the element from the list and click Delete to eliminate it.

Step 4. Scan system by antivirus

MAC Booster antivirus can remove every little pieces of malicious software and prevent he next infections. This tool is known for super efficiency against all types of viruses programs and advertising tools. If you want to try it, press the button below to download a test version with limited capabilities.

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Download MAC Booster
  • Remove virus from MAC completely
  • Optimize the system
  • Provide Real-Time computer protection

MAC Booster scanner detects threats and malware for free, but to remove infected elements and fix errors you need to purchase a full version of program for 39,95$. EULA, Uninstall steps, Privacy Policy.


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