How to remove adware from Mozilla Firefox

You can remove adwares from Mozilla Firefox with antimalware scanners or by hand. You need to follow some steps to clean Firefox manually. In case Firefox was infected by browser hijacker, user need to check start page, search engine and browser's shortcut. Also, the system can be infected by adware or malware. Symptoms of infection are banners and annoying redirects to the web pages with advertisement. To get rid of these ads, user must delete the software (it can be browser add-on) from computer. The step by step instructions lower. The other method is to search malicious elements with antimalware removal tool. Special scanner can remove unwanted programs in automatic mode. If you want to scan your system with antimalware scanner, we can recommend AdwCleaner as trusted program.

Manual instruction how to clean Mozilla Firefox

Check Mozilla Firefox shortcut

1. Right-click on shortcut

2. Select Properties

How to find properties of Mozilla Firefox shortcut


3. Check the field Target: there must be only way to your browser: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

How to find field Target on Mozilla shortcut



Delete old Firefox shortcut and create new

Remove suspicious Extensions from Mozilla Firefox

1. Start Mozilla Firefox

2. Open Menu - Add-ons (or Ctrl+Shift+A)

How to find Add-ons in Mozilla Firefox


3. Select Extensions tab and click Remove button near suspicious add-on

How to remove extensions in Mozilla Firefox

How to change homepage and default search engine

1. Start Mozilla Firefox

2. Open Menu - Options

How to find Options in Mozilla Firefox


3. Open General tab and put 'about:blank' into the field Home Page

How to change Mozilla Firefox start page


4. Open Search tab and choose your default search engine

How to fix newtab page

1. Launch Mozilla Firefox

2. Put “about:config” into address bar

How to put about:config in Mozilla Firefox

3. Confirm the suggestion ("I'll be careful, I promise!")

4. Search for “browser.newtab.url”

5. Reset this string (right-click and choose Reset)

Reset browser settings (attention, you will lose all browser data)

1. Start Mozilla Firefox

2. Help tab

3. Troubleshooting information

How to find Troubleshooting information in Mozilla Firefox

4. Press Reset Firefox... button

How to reset Mozilla Firefox




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