Browser hijackers are one of the most common types of unwanted software on the Internet. They are stealthy, simple to develop and absolutely legal, since each user accepts the EULA before installing them. So, these tools penetrate user’s computer in bundles with other free tools, or via viral websites, and begin to show ads. We all know how ads look like, and we are used to certain placement of ads on each website that we visit. So, if you suddenly realize that ads appear in strange places, and they become annoying – then there is an advertising program on your PC. Browser hijackers differ from other adware by their main feature: the fake search engine website. These websites are all the same, and you will easily recognize suchlike website if you will know how it looks like. It looks like Google Search, but as if somebody made a poor copy of it, and replaced the Google logo. 99% of hijacker’s websites are the copies of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other well-known search engines, that desperately try to look like them, but don’t have their functionality. If you see suchlike website, and in the searchbox there are words Google Custom Search – this surely is a hijacker’s website, and you better not use it for anything. Here we present you the articles about most dangerous and well-known browser hijackers, and the ways to remove them.


How to remove hijacked browser redirect

Internet browser is not only a way to get all the necessary files and data from the Internet, but also an opportunity for various malicious programs to infect the user's computer. The infection does not go unnoticed, it has symptoms. Symptoms such as changing the home page or search engine, new search options and frequent spam means that your computer is hijacked.

How to remove The Smart Search

This article is dedicated to help you to get rid of the annoying browser hijacker called The Smart Search. You'll find the full description of The Smart Search, explanation of its infection methods, weak spots and techniques to remove it easily. Each step of removal process is detailed, with screenshots and videos.

How to remove Removal guide

This is a short article that contains all needed information on the removal of browser hijacker, and the instructions that will help you to remove it from all versions of Windows and from all browsers.

How to remove MySearch (Chrome, IE, Firefox)

Greetings! This article is dedicated to one of the largest adware families: MySearch. Let's investigate how MySearch enter user’s PC, how user can uninstall it and why MySearch is so hazardous. We worked to offer people both manner of automatical deletion and a plain method of by-hand removal.

How to remove browser hijacker

This article is devoted to the removal of from all versions of Windows and from reputable browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari.


In this article we will tell you how to remove an annoying Chinese browser hijacker The article also contains manual removal instructions for Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Ways to remove effectively


If you have hijacker in your browser, and you suffer from advertising and redirections - this article will help you to get rid of it.

How to remove fully is the new version of the well-known hijacker, called Social2Search. It doesn't have any differences from its predecessor, except the URL of the main website. Hackers haven't even changed the picture on the main page, so it still is Social2Search in fact.

Ways to remove completely is another instance of such well-known hijacker as Social2Search. All recommendations for removing coincide with instructions on Social2Search, but we decided to write this article because many people have never experienced the original program, and may not know how to deal with it.

How to remove Showad.js/ fully is an advertising-oriented program whose major aim is to show you ads in browsers and redirect you to the intrusted websites for advertising purposes.We will explain everything about it: how it works, why it shows ads, and how to stop it.You will get the detailed step-by-step insructions for manual and automatic removal, and videos of the complete removal process.



Acronis suggestion to CrashPlans users

Around a month ago, there was an accident with CrashPlans backup software.

What is MicTrayDebugger and is it dangerous

This is a brief entry about MicTrayDebugger: what is it, how it appeared in the system, is it dangerous and how to get rid of it.

What is HoeflerText and is it dangerous?


This article is dedicated to the fraud scheme that is called HoeflerText font wasn't found. We will explain you what is this scheme and how to avoid it.

What is Wpad.dat virus and how it is used

The topic of our today's article is a script that had been unjustly called a virus. It’s Wpad.dat, and it is not a virus. We will explain what is Wpad.dat and how to prevent fraudsters to deceive yourself with its help.


Cancer virus trollware

This is an article about crazy Cancer virus and the madness that it brings to victim's computer.

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