Is CerberTear another version of Cerber or not?

Creation of computer viruses is a very profitable industry, and it has a kind of leaders and outsiders. Viruses-outsiders are getting cracked in the first few days after the release. Viruses-leaders become a real scourge of all Internet users and terrorize them for months, or even years. The names of these viruses have become common nouns, and less successful hackers call their products in honor of the "big brothers". Cerber ransomware is just on the leading position, and its first imitators began to appear. The recently discovered virus is named CerberTear, which assigns encrypted files .cerber expansion and shows users a message, similar to Cerber’s one.



The virus tries to imitate Cerber ransomware around, but it will only work for the regular users. Malware researchers have started to check the virus, and in its structure it has nothing to do with the original Cerber. CerberTear virus was created based on the project of an independent Turkish researcher named Utku Sen. This was the second time when Sen puts the fully developed source code of the virus in an open access. Members of GitHub community condemned him for his last suchlike trick, when he put in public access the virus called EDA2, by which there was immediately created a working cryptovirus. Although the researcher left backdoor in virus code, many people affected by the virus, because of one mistake. Hackers made the C&C center of the virus on a free hosting. This hosting received multiple complaints on this website and just removed it with all containing information, including the encryption keys. So far there is no news on whether Sen's going to improve the situation with CerberTear. If you are a victim of this virus - the best way is to wait for news that will necessarily be reflected in this article.










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