What is M4N1F3STO screen locker

M4N1F3STO is a thing that pretends to be ransomware, but it, actually, is not. M4N1F3STO is one of the simplest screen lockers that were ever published on the Internet. It is being distributed via e-mail spam, bundled installation and software cracks, and when it penetrates user's PC, it displays large picture above all shortcuts and Start menu, so user can not do anything on his PC. The picture shows a mysterious hooded man and a fairly extensive written text on the fact that all user’s files are subjected to encryption, and hackers will delete files every day, if the payment of 0,3 BTC will not be made to the specified account. After making the payment the victim receives a code that must be entered in the field at the bottom of the image. Once you enter the code, the image disappears and appears the text "Just delete it to remove it haha you have been fooled".



Black background, scary dude and blood red text - all of this is aimed to scare user and force him to turn off his brain. These programs are designed for novice users, and if you know something about computers - you can easily cope with this threat. Naturally, M4N1F3STO does not encrypt the files. This is just a Trojan, which can be easily removed by restarting your computer and running it in safe mode. It is enough to use any antivirus while system is in the safe mode, and it will immediately detect the threat and eliminate it.

Also, thanks to Jiri Kropac and his twitter, we know the “secret password” that should unlock the screen. The words of this password won’t appear on our website due to our policy, but you can read it here. We hope that this short entry helped you to get rid of M4N1F3STO, or, at least you had a little fun of it.




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