White Ops unveiled the biggest botnet ever, called Methbot

Experts from the White Ops uncovered one of the largest cyber-crimes of recent years: botnet Methbot, which allowed the fraudsters to earn millions of dollars per day.

Yesterday the Internet was shocked by the news about one of the largest botnets, called Methbot. The American company White Ops, specializing in cyber security and protection of online advertising market has opened to the public all the details of this criminal scheme, including its scope, ways to circumvent the anti-bot system and much more: original research.

According to the report of White Ops, fraudulent network became operational in September 2016, and in its composition there were 250.267 specially created promotional sites, looking like websites of well-known advertising companies, and sites of leading American brands. The network carried out 200-300 thousand impressions on video advertising per day. CPM of ads chosen ranged from $ 3.27 to $ 36.72. More than 6000 premium URL’s were forged in order to deceive users and advertisers. These operations involved more than half a million IP-addresses, most of which are located in the United States, and network performance provided by more than a thousand servers located in the US and the Netherlands.



Usually, botnets attack and break into existing sites or computers of ordinary users to get access to the necessary information and carry out their activities. However, the creators of Methbot fully developed their own system, controlled from pre-purchased IP-addresses with false personal data. This system makes it possible to avoid detection by conventional methods. In addition, were used high-quality simulation mechanisms of user activity: bots moved the mouse, correctly made the registration abided to all rules.



In conclusion we can say that none of the cyber-security companies have faced such a large botnet, and the efforts of one company aren’t enough to neutralize it. All data on Methbot were laid out in free access, and now each organization dedicated to advertising on the Internet has to closely monitor the activity of their advertising campaigns, and assist in the fight against cyber-criminals.




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