Cancer virus trollware

This is an article about crazy Cancer virus and the madness that it brings to victim's computer.

Among the users of computers and the Internet there is a perception that hackers create viruses just for fun, or to cause inconvenience to users. In most cases this is not so, and almost every virus has a specific purpose, such as gaining control over a user's computer, steal information, espionage, obtaining a ransom for unlocking a computer or decrypt information, and so on. Joke viruses are often the result of the works of young hackers who are trying to attract attention. Today we talk about the virus named Cancer, which infects users' computers around the world, and brings madness to their computers.



Firstly, Cancer is the most complex virus of this category during the last few years. This virus belongs to the category of crapware or trollware, meaning it does not change the files, doesn’t encrypt them, and does not cause any harm to the system. The only thing it does - causes discomfort. And we're not talking about ad serving, and a slowdown in the speed of your computer. If Cancer infects a system, the victim has no opportunity to take advantage of any program. Programs run and close spontaneously, windows are quickly moving around the screen, nasty music is playing, strange images appear on the desktop, and open of any file or program is being instantly interrupted.

No matter how we will describe what happens if Cancer affected your computer, it will be hard to understand. Apart from all these hideous effects, Cancer has a very interesting structure, which penetrates deeply into the system, and is fixed there. So far there is no news on how you can remove the Cancer from the system, but many malware fighters are already set about solving this problem, and soon we can expect a special program for the removal of Cancer, or for detailed manual removal instructions.

It should also be noted that despite the fact that virus is not detrimental to the system now; it may have some hidden purpose. Do not underestimate the virus creators, and don’t consider that all this is just a bad joke. We encourage you to minimize your activity on the infected computer as long as the virus will be removed. In addition, if you use high-quality paid antivirus, you need to contact tech support and learn whether they will somehow help.

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