How to remove MicTrayDebugge. What is Win32/MicTrayDebugger

In connection with the rapid development of the Internet, news in the modern world is carried very quickly, and not always are true in the end. Large audience, passing news from hand to hand, often changes it, resulting in people who are unfamiliar with the essence of the case, get absolutely the wrong information. So it was with the massive infection of computers with the ransomware virus WannaCry, when many users first heard about such viruses. When the news appeared that the MalwareTech researcher stopped the spread of the virus, many users decided that all ransomware was completely stopped, and were extremely disappointed when they were infected with another virus. This situation has been repeated many times, and today we will discuss another such canard - MicTrayDebugger.

MicTrayDebugger is part of the code that was erroneously left in the final version of the audio driver from Conexent, and was preinstalled on many HP computers. MicTrayDebugger can act as a keylogger, and in some cases the data can be viewed not only from the computer on which the program is installed, but also remotely. It is worth noting that all received data is deleted when the user leaves his account, and when the computer is turned off.

Alas, the report on this problem on the official Microsoft website began with the phrase "Windows Defender AV detects and removes this threat", and for many users it was enough. MicTrayDebugger is not a virus, and the data that could be obtained as a result of its actions are not sent to Microsoft either in Conexant or elsewhere.

In addition, if you use automatic Windows update, this problem has already been fixed. The same update is downloaded to the HP Support site, where it is freely available.

If your data or passwords have suffered as a result of this problem, you should contact Microsoft Support or HP for assistance.




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