What is Chrome Clean-Up tool and how to use it

Chrome Clean Up tool will help you to get rid of annoying hijackers, adware, unwanted toolbars and other applications that can harm your browser and the whole system. This application was created because many AV-tools just can't provide the decent level of security against unwanted browser apps. But who can know more about Google Chrome browser than its creators? This tool will remove all suspicious apps smoothly and without any consequences. Your history, your settings and all useful apps that you have in Chrome won't be removed. Chrome CleanUp tool is absolutely free, and available on Google's official website.

You should remember that Chrome Clean-Up tool removes only those programs that affect Google Chrome browser. Even if you have viruses on your PC, Chrome Clean-Up tool may say that it found nothing, because those viruses don't interfere with Chrome's work. Only the decent anti-viral program can detect and remove all viruses.

How to remove adware from Google Chrome using Chrome Clean-Up tool

Chrome Clean-Up tool can help you to remove adware from Chrome. Firstly, download Chrome CleanUp tool. To download application go to the official website and press "Download now" button:




You will see window with Terms of Service:




Start the application:




Program start scanning the system




You will see Scan results:




Then program suggests to reset Chrome browser.

Demonstration video



Download link: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/cleanup-tool/


How to clean Google Chrome manually: http://pcfixhelp.net/clean-google-chrome






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