What is Safe Mode and how to boot computer into Safe Mode

What is Safe mode and when to use it

 Safe mode is the special diagnostic mode (it is also called “the fault protection mode”). It is created to track and repair all mistakes that happened because of wrong setting or incorrect usage of software or hardware. Also it perfectly helps in the cases, when user’s PC is affected by virus. This mode is called “Safe”, because in it Windows uses only the most necessary programs and drivers. They are: mouse, keyboard, display, HDD drivers and the default system services. The Internet connection is not made. When system is in safe mode, the programs that are placed in “autorun” folder don’t have the boot priority, and most of the viruses just don’t work. If your PC is affected by some virus, and it acts fast, the safe mode is the best choice: you can easily remove virus without any risk. Safe mode can be entered on any computer or laptop with Windows or Mac OS. We’ve made the complete step-by-step instructions for each OS, to make this process easier and safer.

How to boot Windows 7 in Safe mode

You can use two methods to boot Windows 7 in safe mode. There is no difference between them, and both methods are equally safe. We’ve made the description for the second method just because you can do it not in one way. There is a choice between four parameters, while you’re entering the safe mode in first described way. You should choose “minimal” option, because it provides maximum protection.

Method 1

  • Press Start
  • Type Msconfig and press Enter

Safe mode. Step 1


  • Select Boot tab

Safe mode. Step 2



  • Select Safe boot and press Ok

To leave safe mode, delete tick from Safe boot and then restart your computer.

Method 2

  • Reboot computer
  • Press F8 button while system loading
  • Select Safe mode (using arrows)
  • Press Enter

How to boot Windows 10 in Safe mode

  • Press Start
  • Select Settings


Safe mode Windows10. Step 1

  • Click on Update & security


Safe mode Windows10. Step 2

  • Click Recovery and Select Restart now


Safe mode Windows10. Step 3

  • After rebooting the system, select Troubleshoot


Safe mode Windows10. Step 4

  • Select Advanced options


Safe mode Windows10. Step 5

  • Click Startup Settings


Safe mode Windows10. Step 6

  • Click Restart


Safe mode Windows10. Step 7

  • Press F4 to Enable Safe Mode


Safe mode Windows10. Step 8

How to boot MAC  in Safe mode

Safe mode is the method of boot, which allows your Mac to perform certain checks. Also, if you have some software on your Mac that automatically launches on startup – it won’t run. The launch on startup is the most common method to assume control over the system, used by all kinds of malware. Virus launches before all other programs, including antivirus, which allows it to work freely and interfere the work of all other programs and services. In the safe mode, computer starts to scan directories, and performs the basic troubleshooting operations without your intervention. In most cases, when you run your Mac again in normal mode, all issues will be resolved. If they’re not – you should contact Apple Support team and receive professional help. 


  1. Start or restart your Mac.
  2. Immediately after you hear the startup sound, press and hold the Shift key.
  3. Release the Shift key when you see the Apple logo appear on the screen.


After the Apple logo appears, it might take longer than usual to reach the login screen or your desktop. This is because your Mac performs a directory check of your startup disk as part of safe mode. To leave safe mode, restart your computer without pressing any keys during startup. 


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