Best antivirus for PC 2018

Clinging to the topic of antivirus software, it's time to sum up for the past 2017. Who has proved himself best of all? Which antivirus is currently in the lead? It's time to find out in our small mini-review-comparison. All of the following programs showed excellent compatibility with Windows 10, each antivirus distinguished itself with its own set of unique functions and advantages over other products, but there were some shortcomings that reduced the effectiveness of the program.


According to the results of testing the PCMag computer magazine, the following antivirus programs are included in the top best free antivirus programs: Avast Free Antivirus, AVG Antivirus Free, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, and others. Consider the most popular.

Avast Free Antivirus

Avast antivirus


Based on the rating results, Avast Free Antivirus takes the lead in 2017. The developers really were able to surprise with their products. The product is almost in no way inferior to its paid competitors, and in some cases, according to the algorithms for searching for malicious code, surpasses many paid analogs. In addition to a fairly good standard of protection on the Internet, the antivirus can boast of searching for unnecessary extensions in web browsers, protecting the conduct of banking operations and, like most modern antiviruses, protects the connected Wi-Fi devices. The program is designed so that the threat scanner is launched only when the malicious code tries to change something - therefore once again the antivirus system does not load and does not reduce the performance of the operating system. There is also a convenient password manager, emergency disk creation, CyberCapture recognition function and much more. Of the disadvantages - ineffective protection against phishing and browser pop-ups.


Official website:

AVG AntiVirus Free

AVG antivirus


Another effective free antivirus, which has recently been the property of Avast. Despite this, AVG AntiVirus Free has its own protection and scanning algorithms and echoes the previous antivirus only with innovations in security. Antivirus has a single control center, in which there was a place to optimize the operating system, protect VPN, optimize the Internet connection, and, in fact, the antivirus itself.


AVG participated in testing AV-Comparatives, passed 4 tests there and received almost maximum ratings for ease of use and high-quality protection. Having gained 17 points out of 18, he was unable to bypass only Kaspersky products and gave way to active protection parameters only for ESET products. Multilevel protection of surfing on the Internet works like a clock and will give odds to many products of this type. Also, the antivirus builds its plug-in into browsers, thereby further raising the bar of security. The disadvantages of AVG are the same as that of Avast - rather mediocre protection against phishing.


Official website:

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender antivirus


And the paid and free version of this software works equally effectively, showing almost the same results in the tests. It has even more protection against viruses than previous antiviruses, but inferior to them in performance. Bitdefender passed all 5 of the 5 possible PCMag tests and at the same time was able to score Advanced + in each of them. This result was able to repeat only the products of Kaspersky. Also, the antivirus is famous for its powerful protection against malicious software, and in terms of anti-phishing protection it surpasses both Avast and AVG Antivirus. In the program, the "Autopilot" mode operates. she decides what to do when she becomes infected. Something similar is with ESET products. In the paid version of Bitdefender there are many more useful functions that improve the efficiency of the antivirus several times. This is a safe work with finances on an isolated desktop, and the creation of labels on dangerous sites, and advanced protection from trojans-encryptors, and much more.


The main disadvantage of Bitdefender is its weak protection against bank Trojans. Only on these PCMag tests results does the antivirus lose to its competitors, in particular Kaspersky, ESET, Avast and AVG AntiVirus Free products, in other respects it has almost no equal among others.


Official website:

Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018

Kaspersky antivirus


Unlike the above competitors, this antivirus has an exclusively paid version, and is the best in its segment. Antivirus protection program works almost the same as free Kaspersky Free, but the functional, of course, prevails. As you would expect from Kaspersky products, the program collects record points on all security and security tests, and by results PCMag scored the highest score of all the products represented - 9.8 out of 10. It shows itself well in the bypass of content filters, built-in browsers. On the protection of Internet surfing and protection against phishing, it is still inferior to Norton products, and there are sometimes censures on the security of junctions on dangerous links. Of the most notable features, you can note the on-screen keyboard, which provides maximum protection against keyloggers, though it requires a computer reboot to activate it. Monitoring activity is another effective tool. It mainly protects against encryption, and also has many additional components to work with. With this tool, you can even decrypt back most of the encrypted files that the virus still managed to hit. It also has its own recovery environment, removing traces of activity, and there is also a vulnerability search for the system that detects missing patches and updates that degrade one or another security parameter.


Official website:

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 11

Another representative of the segment of paid antivirus software. The program is inferior to Norton and Kaspersky products in tests against malicious programs, has a more complex settings menu and can not boast of advanced performance, but it also has its own peculiarities. Antivirus perfectly fights against bank Trojans, extremely quickly scans the system for viruses, and also has its own unique function - scanning UEFI. Thus, the antivirus can detect viruses even in the firmware of the computer components, and does it in the background continuously, almost without affecting the performance. Also, the product from ESET well resists malicious downloads, with the help of intrusion prevention system (HIPS) effectively fights with exploits, has device control that helps to avoid insider data leaks on removable drives. Of interesting features, you can also note the device management system implemented in the program. This is a kind of scenario that the user can create for certain devices, whether it's opening only in read mode, restricting the rights to write or read data, completely turning off the device and much more. This can be useful, for example, to parents - that would save the child's computer from virus-infected USB flash drives.


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