Among all kinds of unwanted software, browser toolbars are the least dangerous. If we assess the risk of malicious software on a 10-point scale, the danger of toolbars will be equal to 1, and it will be a fair assessment. These programs, like the vast majority of advertising programs, do not perform any function. In fact, each browser has long been there all the functionality available in any toolbar, and it is called "Bookmarks Bar". Nevertheless, millions of users around the world continue to install malicious toolbars, with 5-6 of these panels in each browser. In turn, the program makers, who have at least some relation to the Internet, consider it their duty to create their own separate toolbar for all browsers, and compulsively offer users to install it. In this section of our site we will tell you about what are the browser toolbars, how they get to your computer, and how you can quickly get rid of them. There are articles on all the most common toolbars, detailed instructions for their removal, and tips on how to prevent computer infection by such programs.


How to remove EasyPDFCombine


Today we talk about such program as EasyPDFCombine, its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the reasons for its removal from the system and from all browsers.

How to remove Your Template Finder ( malware removal guide)


Your Template Finder belongs to a large list of advertising toolbars, developed and distributed by Ask group. It is annoying, and can't offer you any worthy features, so we'll help you to remove it from your PC and all browsers.

How to remove Mobile PC Starter Kit

In this article we'll review the Mobile PC Starter Kit program, and find out if it is dangerous for your PC or not. We will tell you, what is Mobile PC Starter Kit, how it works, and how it might be removed from all versions of Windows and from all reputable browsers.

How to remove EasyMailLogin (removal guide)

Today we will discuss the another useless software that installs in user's browsers - EasyMailLogin. We have the full description of this program, and the easy explanation of its doings. Also we have the detailed instructions on removal of EasyMailLogin from all well-known browsers.




What is HoeflerText and is it dangerous?


This article is dedicated to the fraud scheme that is called HoeflerText font wasn't found. We will explain you what is this scheme and how to avoid it.

What is Wpad.dat virus and how it is used

The topic of our today's article is a script that had been unjustly called a virus. It’s Wpad.dat, and it is not a virus. We will explain what is Wpad.dat and how to prevent fraudsters to deceive yourself with its help.


Cancer virus trollware

This is an article about crazy Cancer virus and the madness that it brings to victim's computer.

White Ops unveiled the biggest botnet ever, called Methbot

White Ops cyber-security company revealed the largest botnet in history, called Methbot. In this article you’ll find full information about the net, its width and possible methods to shut it down.

CryptoMix ransomware adds .lesli extensions to files

 This brief article about CryptoMix .lesli ransomware will help you to understand what is ransomware, how you can avoid it, and how to remove it if it’s already on your PC.



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