How to remove OnlineMapFinder from computer and browsers

OnlineMapFinder infects computer


OnlineMapFinder removal reasons and methods. What is OnlineMapFinder.

There are numerous types of promotional programs which differ in mode of action. Some are aggressive, others - passive. Today we will talk about the program, which almost does not give the user a hassle, but still is not desirable: OnlineMapFinder. This is the toolbar, which appears in your browser after you have installed any free program, forgetting to turn off the additional installation. Sometimes these programs are distributed directly from the malicious sites, however, the "bundled" system is the most popular way. After installing, OnlineMapFinder periodically shows you ads and if you start to use the keys on it, it can redirect you to untrusted sites. Usually, the user starts trying to remove OnlineMapFinder when his browser accumulates 3-4 toolbars, and they begin to seriously reduce the size of the browser window. In addition, if one toolbar is almost imperceptible, a few make the browser much slower and much more likely to show ads. If you want to remove from your computer OnlineMapFinder, and clear the browser - we can help you.

Removal Method by using special software

There are several ways to remove OnlineMapFinder, and the easiest and most convenient of them - use a special program. We present you with a program called Spyhunter, which is designed to remove viruses and adware from your PC. Spyhunter for more than ten years is in the lead in the fight against adware, and it is used by more than one hundred thousand people around the world. If you are interested - go to the link under this paragraph.


Download SpyHunter Antimalware

Why this removal tool?

Remove adware fully

Protect browser from adware and hijackers

24/7 free support

More about Spyhunter: User manual, System requirements, Terms of service, EULA and Privacy policy

Manual Removal Way

Manual removal of OnlineMapFinder is as much reliable and efficient, as the removal via antivirus. The only difference is that removing OnlineMapFinder manually, you will not be able to provide your computer protection against subsequent infections. If you believe that your PC is completely safe, and the penetration by OnlineMapFinder was unfortunate coincidence - the removal in manual mode is the best choice for you. If you have not one virus on your PC, and you intend to make a thorough cleaning, we recommend you to use Spyhunter, to your computer again became a quick and clean.



Instruction for Windows XP and Windows 7

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click Add or Remove Programs.

2. In the Currently installed programs box, click the OnlineMapFinder, and then click Change or Change/Remove.

3. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to make the changes that you want.

Press Start - Control Panel Choose Program - Uninstall a program Choose needed program and click 'Uninstall'


Instruction for Windows 8

1. Point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and tap Search.

2. Enter Control panel in the search box, and then click Control Panel.

3. Under View by: select Large Icons, and then click Programs and features.

4. Click the program, and then click Uninstall.

5. Follow the instructions on the screen.


Instruction for Windows 10

1. On the field Search Windows type 'Control Panel'

2. Click Uninstall a program

3. Select OnlineMapFinder and press Uninstall

Type 'Control Panel' in Search field Programs in Control Panel Choose needed program and click 'Uninstall'


Delete elements that stayed

1. Remove files and folders, if they stayed:

  • Type OnlineMapFinder in the search box
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list of search results. Under Search again in, Click Computer
  • Wait for the search results
  • Delete items found

2. Delete registry keys

  • Click the Start button
  • Type Regedit.exe and press Enter
  • Press Ctrl+F and type 'OnlineMapFinder'
  • Click 'Find Next'
  • Delete the entries that were found

Instruction for Mac OS

1. In the Finder sidebar, click Applications

2. Drag the app from the Applications folder to the Trash

3. Choose Finder > Empty Trash

How to remove OnlineMapFinder from browser

Note: If you use Spyhunter, it will take you through the following steps automatically.


Instruction for Google Chrome

1. Launch Google Chrome browser, click Menu (Customize and Control Google Chrome)

2. Select More tools > Extensions. Left-click on Extensions

3. On the OnlineMapFinder, click Remove from Chrome

4. A notice to remove the extension will appear. Click Remove

How to remove OnlineMapFinder from Google Chrome. Step 1 How to delete OnlineMapFinder from Google Chrome. Step 2 How to uninstall OnlineMapFinder from Google Chrome. Step 3


Instruction for Internet Explorer

1. Launch Internet Explorer

2. Click Tools

3. Select Manage add-ons

4. Select OnlineMapFinder and press Disable

How to uninstall OnlineMapFinder from Internet Explorer. Step 1 How to remove OnlineMapFinder from Internet Explorer. Step 2 How to delete OnlineMapFinder from Internet Explorer. Step 3


Instruction for Mozilla Firefox

1. Launch Mozilla Firefox

2. Open Menu

3. Click Add-ons

4. Select Extensions

5. On the OnlineMapFinder, press Remove

How to uninstall OnlineMapFinder from Mozilla Firefox. Step 1 How to delete OnlineMapFinder from Mozilla Firefox. Step 1 How to remove OnlineMapFinder from Mozilla Firefox. Step 3


Instruction for Safari

1. Open Safari browser

2. Click Menu (Display a menu of General Safari Settings)

3. Select Reset Safari...

4. Press Reset

How to delete OnlineMapFinder from Safari. Step 1 How to uninstall OnlineMapFinder from Safari. Step 2 How to remove OnlineMapFinder from Safari. Step 3


Instruction for Opera

1. Start Opera browser

2. Click Menu (Customize and Control Opera)

3. Select Extensions

4. Choose OnlineMapFinder and press button Remove from Opera

How to remove OnlineMapFinder from Opera. Step 1 How to delete OnlineMapFinder from Opera. Step 2 How to uninstall OnlineMapFinder from Opera. Step 3


Advantages of different removal methods




This is how you may eradicate the virus and get it cleaned from your desktop. Look at the profits of different deletion methods.




What are the symptoms of adware

OnlineMapFinder get installed, primarily in conjunction with freeware you installed from various sites. Once installed, the harmful adware changes the web browser configuration and sets it to the homepage, default search browser and infects your system delivering your adverts of selected internet websites. Failing to recognize and uncheck a specific location, when installing a particular computer software, permits the OnlineMapFinder file to be hidden and are easily downloaded to your Desktop. For anyone who is into online shopping, stay away from the scams that are so common. Just in case you aren't into shopping online OnlineMapFinder might urge you some considering the kind of stuff you would want, based on your browser history. To be brief, it will infect your Personal computer by delivering adware infected ads.

It's very maddening and dangerous to have ad-ware, mainly because it’ll try to modify your browsing experience, concludes and opinion about you when you will retrieve your web browser. Here i will discuss the warning signs you have to be aware about.

  1. It will automatically add tool bars and internet cookies to your browser, hence impacting the speed your internet connection substantially
  2. Malevolent OnlineMapFinder files redirects to specific not safe anonymous internet websites, e.g. Adult/ software download
  3. It infects your laptop or personal computer, therefore making your files perilous and potentially malicious
  4. It changes inbuilt search browser and exploits not aligned search results
  5. OnlineMapFinder files invite swap risks, taking into account Trojan malware and damages windows registry keys
  6. It may extract your private data and share it to web scammers
  7. You may find your desktop browser filled with irritating advertisement and banners
  8. Entering a particular Url might take you to a different internet site.
  9. It will eventually affect your personal computer speed by bringing it down considerably

Protecting your PC from adware

Once to clean up your computer from OnlineMapFinder, you should be in a custom of guarding it from such adwares. Here are several tips to follow to be sure the PC’s safety.

  1. Don’t download software from untrusted websites
  2. Avoid malevolent internet sites that can easily get into your Computer
  3. Always use a authentic Antivirus
  4. Scan your PC regularly for malicious elements
  5. Don’t download any sort of free media files
  6. Always keep your eyes open while installing any files

In this manner, you are able to safeguard your computer from undesirable malicious adware and prolong its durability.

Video tutorial how to clean browsers





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