How to remove ihpmServer.exe and Raydld.exe processes

RayDld and ihpmServer malware


What are “ihpmServer.exe” and “Raydld.exe” files and how to delete it

These files are the processes, that prevent the removal of the unwanted program. Have you ever deleted some virus, but it returns after reboot of computer? You remove it again and again, but the virus comes back next day, and you don’t know how to get rid of it! It’s always annoying, but we know the way how to remove unwanted software once and for all! “ihpmServer.exe” and “Raydld.exe” processes are responsible for the creation of multiple backups of malicious program everywhere on your hard drive. So, before you will remove the malware from Control panel, you need to uninstall these files, and virus won’t restore! These files are in folder “RayDld”, and we’ll show you how to uninstall them.

In this folder you’ll see the processes, called “ihpmServer.exe” and “Raydld.exe”.

To remove them, go to: Task manager/processes/service and open a menu by right mouse click, and pick “open file location”. In the opened folder you’ll see “ihpmServer.exe” and “Raydld.exe” files and the file “uninstall.exe”. Run uninstall.exe.

After that, go to Control panel/programs, and remove hijacker from the list of installed programs. Then, the only thing left is to restore the browser settings and to set up the default homepage.

If you look for the automatic removal tool, use SpyHunter antivirus scanner: Download Reimage.


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