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Tencent QQ is installed


Tencent QQ is an anti-virus tool, developed by Chinese company Shenzhen Limited. This tool is completely free, and even useful, but it is so, only if you speak Chinese! Yes, you’re right, it has no localization. So, average users from America and Europe are barely able to close Tencent’s main window. Of course, there’s no way to get through all the windows, options and checkboxes, and remove Tencent QQ without knowing the language. The installation of this program, contrariwise, goes very stealthy. You won’t know about it, until you see the first window with weird hieroglyphs. Tencent QQ comes in bundles with other software, and you can download it accidently, but it will take a lot of time and frustration to remove it. You need to perform a few steps to remove Tencent QQ from your PC, and to ensure, that you have no another malicious software on board.

Step 1. Remove software from Control Panel

Tencent can be removed from Control Panel as other programs.

  • 1. Start
  • 2. Control Panel
  • 3. Programs and features
  • 4. Uninstall a program
  • 5. Select program with Chinise
  • 6. Press Uninstall
  • 7. Follow the instructions (lower in the article we add pictures)


Step 2. Uninstall Tencent using its own uninstaller

Remove Tencent QQ through Uninst.exe file in the root folder of Tencent QQ. There are lots of versions of this program, and the developers use different methods in each one of them. Some versions hide the uninstall.exe file, in some versions you can’t find Tencent in CCleaner, and in the Windows list of programs. This part of our guide will be useful, if you can’t initiate the removal from Control Panel.

Where exactly is the uninstall file for tencent QQ?

  • Go to Disc C:\
  • Click Program Files (x86) (if you use the 32-bit version of Windows, it will be just “Program Files”)
  • Go to Tencent\QQPCMgr
  • Here you should find a folder whose name is made up of numbers. The numbers mean the version of the program, in my case it was 11.4.17335.21.


Tencent QQ menu 1


  • Click “uninst” or “uninst.exe” file, and it will bring you to the menu with Chinese hieroglyphs.


Tencent QQ menu 2


  • Press on the lower left button, and there will be the red window with three checkboxes.


Tencent QQ menu 3


  • Check them all, it will mean, that you want to delete all settings and add-ons, and remove Tencent QQ completely. Click the lower left red button to continue, and you’ll see the small window with an indicator of removal process. After that, you’ll see the blue window.


Tencent QQ menu 4


  • Press the lower left button, and congratulations! This is it, Tencent QQ is removed! Repeat this steps with all components of program, and you will be finally free from that mess. The last thing to do is to scan your PC with an anti-virus, to ensure, that Tencent QQ is totally removed. If you still have some questions – here’s the video-guide, which shows how to remove Tencent QQ manually.

 Video instruction



Step 3. Scan computer with anti-malware

As we said earlier, Tencent QQ isn’t a virus, it’s the package of useful software, whose only drowback is the lack of localization. But if it isn’t malware, how could anti-viruses remove it? Good anti-viral tool detects not only malware, but also the programs, which perform their functions without user’s knowledge. Exactly as Tencent, which installs without a permission and comes back after an incorrect deletion. This Tencent QQ’s feature is the most annoying, but it gives us a chance to detect and remove it as an unwanted program. So, when you manually removed Tencent QQ, you should download Spyhunter or AdwCleaner, and perform the full scan. If the scanning will show no threats – then your PC is totally clean, and ready for work.

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If you downloaded another version of Tencent QQ, or you see the different windows through the removal process – please post your questions in the comments, or contact us in other way. We will be happy to help you with any issues.



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0 #8 Ngobi 2016-06-29 08:26
thanks a million times
+3 #7 Fezino 2016-06-08 07:44
Thanks a lot. It actually worked. Have nnever been this excited about uninstalling a a software. :lol:
0 #6 Sagar 2016-05-31 03:59
:P :P Thanks a lott ! It works !
0 #5 Kate 2016-05-25 11:12
Quoting Andrew:
Basically, i cant find any uninst.exe, its like its nothing just the program

Hello, try to use Revo or iobit uninstaller
+1 #4 Andrew 2016-05-25 02:38
Basically, i cant find any uninst.exe, its like its nothing just the program
+1 #3 Milton 2016-05-03 23:13
I can´t thank you enought, you saved my life.
0 #2 Alex 2016-04-18 11:00
Quoting zero:
i cannot find uninst at there. need help..

Hello, try to use AdwCleaner with uninstall function
0 #1 zero 2016-04-12 08:14
i cannot find uninst at there. need help..

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