Drive.bat virus description and removal

In today's world, the development is a key to success. In all branches of business people are trying to develop their ideas, come up with something new, and achieve more with less. Exactly the same things happen in the business of manufacturing of computer viruses. Hackers create new virus samples, making them more resistant to anti-virus programs, functions become more sophisticated ... However, this is not about Drive.bat virus.



Drive.bat virus is probably at least once in life faced by each user. This virus penetrated to the PC, making all the files inaccessible to the user. The user sees the files in their folders, turned into shortcuts, weighing 1 kb, and they cannot be opened, or influenced in any other way. If the user does not know in advance, what he faced, he may well decide that he was the victim of ransomware, or any other type of virus, stealing files.

However, Drive.bat has some significant differences from ransomware. The first difference is that Drive.bat does not require money from the user. The virus simply gets on the computer and causes inconvenience, asking nothing in return. In addition, Drive.bat actually doesn’t perform any real operations with files. All that the user sees are only the changes aimed at scaring the user. All files will come back to normal as soon as you remove the virus from your computer.

Another feature of Drive.bat is its interaction with the antivirus software. Typically, hackers are trying to produce viruses as quickly as possible and run them on the Web, to anti-virus programs cannot detect them. Alas, with Drive.bat this method does not work, as the virus is more than ten years old, and its parameters have to be in the databases of each antivirus program. So, hackers have decided not to bypass anti-virus protection, and simply turn it off. With the penetration of the Drive.bat virus into the system, most anti-virus programs simply turn off, thereby allowing the virus to do whatever he pleases.

Drive.bat deletion way

If you are a victim of Drive.bat, then under this paragraph you will find complete instructions for removing the virus. All that is required of you is to run your computer in safe mode, turn on the antivirus software and remove the virus with its help. Safe Mode is not just so called safe: in this mode can only run some the programs that are needed for the functioning of system, or programs from trusted publishers. So, when you start the computer in safe mode, all the virus protection mechanisms that Drive.bat has, become inactive, and you can remove it as an ordinary program.

The second way is to use batch file. To avoid errors and unintended consequences, we advise you to follow our instructions precisely. Launch Notepad or Notepad++ and put next text (this example for infected F drive):


@echo off

attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d F:*.*

@echo complete


Save this file as *.bat , for example Heal.bat. Launch Heal.bat file (double-click). Shortcuts on your drive will be replaced by normal folders.


Drive bat removal way







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