How to remove FakeAV.AUQD

A few days ago we started receiving complaints from users. Who faced a strange threat, called FakeAV.AUQD. Soon a regularity was noticed: all users who applied for help used the AVG antivirus, and in all cases the antivirus showed that the Notepad.exe file was infected. If you experience the same difficulties, we will hasten to assure you: your computer is out of danger. The virus FakeAV.AUQD does not exist, or rather - it's just a mistake in the algorithm of the AVG antivirus. At the moment the AVG command transfers all users from last year's version of the program to a new one, so the support and update of AVG 2016 was terminated, which caused such a mistake. To eliminate it you will just need to remove the old version of the antivirus, and install a new one by downloading it from the official AVG site.


If you do not trust the expert judgments, then there is an elementary way to check our information: just install any other reliable antivirus, or its trial version. You will see that there is no threat of FakeAV.AUQD.




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