How to remove Android Virus

The list of malicious applications that belongs to the group of Android viruses is still expanding. Security experts say that one from 10 applications is infected with an Android parasite. Unfortunately, many of these applications can be downloaded from Google Play. However, Google is making a lot of efforts to protect users and prevent malicious applications. The biggest source of infected programs are third-party web pages. Although this is not the only way how an Android virus can infect a device.

Android virus infecting ways

Android virus is still distributed through third-party applications, which must be installed on the phone manually. However, the new methods used to spread this threat began to spread around today, you can get infected by clicking on the malicious link. In most cases, people upload this threat to their devices in conjunction with unlicensed or experimental applications that are actively promoted on Google Play and other similar places.


In February 2016, the Android version of the virus spread through text messages and illegal connections. The most dangerous versions of the threat are interested in obtaining personal information about the victim, and often this information includes credit cards, account information, logins and passwords. Other options lead to less damage, such as distributing a contact list of victims, recording conversations, delivering advertisements, initiating redirection to various sites, or infecting devices with other threats.


If your system is slowed by suspicious notifications, redirects and surprisingly high phone bills, you need to check the device for threats, because these symptoms are the main signs of your infection.


In addition, you should pay attention to signs such as constant hangs of your device. If your phone or other Android device started to hang and does not function when you browse the Internet, you must install the Android antivirus and check them.

How to remove Android virus

If you think that the Android virus is already hiding in your device, we strongly recommend that you scan it with antivirus software. Sometimes viruses block software to avoid being deleted. In this case, you need to restart your Android device in safe mode, before running Android antivirus:


  • Locate the power button and hold it for a few seconds until you see the menu. Select off.
  • If you see a window prompting you to restart your Android in Safe Mode, select OK.


If this does not work, just turn off your device and turn it on. When it turns on, try to press and hold down the menu button, decrease the volume or increase the volume together to enter safe mode.


You can also try to remove the Android virus manually by deleting the malicious application. However, you must be very careful when trying to do this, because you can delete useful files and applications. To manually uninstall Android virus, please follow these steps:


  • Restart your device in safe mode using the steps above.
  • In safe mode, go to Settings. There, click on the application or application manager (depending on your device, it may be different).
  • Then find malicious applications and delete them all.


We also recommend turning off the option that allows you to install applications that belong to unknown resources. To do this, go to Settings -> Security. There, turn this option off.




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