The virus is a malicious program, which aims to harm the user's computer, or data stored on it. There are many types of viruses, but on our website we discuss only some of them. Firstly, one of the most dangerous types of unwanted programs called ransomware. These viruses are involved in extortion, penetrating the user's computer and performing some action (file encryption, blocking the screen, etc.), and then demand money for the abolition of this act. Secondly the Trojans, which can be used for various purposes, such as espionage, collecting personal information, steal passwords, and more. We'll tell you how to get rid of these types of viruses to completely clean your computer, and protect it from future infections.


How to remove 360 Total Security. Full 360 total security uninstall guide


360 Total Security is an antivirus scanner, whose developer is Qihoo 360 Technology Co. Ltd. If you can't uninstall this software with help of our guide, you are welcome to post in comments and receive an immediate help.

How to remove Max Driver Updater easily

This article includes necessary instructions about removing Max Driver Updater. Max Driver Updater is another useless program that tries to look useful, being actually not. It claims to update all your drivers for all hardware and accessories.


How to remove TweakBit Driver Updater

This post comprises helpful instructions of removing TweakBit Driver Updater. Automatic and manual deletion mode. Driver Updater is the potentially unwanted program (PUP) that is trying to deceive you, and hide under the guise of a useful tool. But we can see that Driver Updater is one of the thousands useless programs that are appearing in the Web every day.

How to remove ihpmServer.exe and Raydld.exe processes

These files are the processes, that prevent the removal of the unwanted program. Have you ever deleted some virus, but it returns after reboot of computer? You remove it again and again, but the virus comes back next day, and you don’t know how to get rid of it!


How to remove System Healer easily

System Healer isn't actually a virus, and it's difficult to namel such program correctly. The most suitable definition for System Healer is "Potentially unwanted program" or PUP. It is not actually harmful, but it can drive you crazy with pop-ups and its presence on your PC is decreasing the system protection against malware. This material contains helpful info of uninstalling System Healer.


How to remove PC Accelerate Pro effectively

PC Accelerate Pro is the system optimizing tool. It's main function must be to speed up your PC, remove the trash files, broken registry entries, clear the cache of system and separate programs.


How to remove More Powerful Cleaner

More Powerful Cleaner AKA MPC belongs to the type of programs, called system optimizers. The description states that More Powerful Cleaner can remove broken and outdated registry entries, clean the cache, remove the useless tasks from startup folder and perform other nice things to increase your computer's performance and speed. This article includes helpful information about deleting More Powerful Cleaner.


How to remove Webdiscover browser

Paper contains required info of uninstalling Webdiscover. Program and manual deletion ways.


How to remove Locky File Encryption


Today we will talk about how to remove Locky Virus. Locky File Encryption belongs to a type of viruses, which is called ransomware, and also crypto lockers.


How to remove RSA-4096 virus and restore encrypted files

RSA-4096 virus belongs to the most annoying and dangerous type of viruses – ransomware. Ransomware is the most damaging to ordinary users, because of its obscurity and effectiveness. Even an experienced computer operator could fall a victim of ransomware, as it's very difficult to detect before it has done its job. This is an article about the RSA-4096 virus that encrypt the files on your PC and demands ransom for their decryption.




Acronis suggestion to CrashPlans users

Around a month ago, there was an accident with CrashPlans backup software.

What is MicTrayDebugger and is it dangerous

This is a brief entry about MicTrayDebugger: what is it, how it appeared in the system, is it dangerous and how to get rid of it.

What is HoeflerText and is it dangerous?


This article is dedicated to the fraud scheme that is called HoeflerText font wasn't found. We will explain you what is this scheme and how to avoid it.

What is Wpad.dat virus and how it is used

The topic of our today's article is a script that had been unjustly called a virus. It’s Wpad.dat, and it is not a virus. We will explain what is Wpad.dat and how to prevent fraudsters to deceive yourself with its help.


Cancer virus trollware

This is an article about crazy Cancer virus and the madness that it brings to victim's computer.

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