The virus is a malicious program, which aims to harm the user's computer, or data stored on it. There are many types of viruses, but on our website we discuss only some of them. Firstly, one of the most dangerous types of unwanted programs called ransomware. These viruses are involved in extortion, penetrating the user's computer and performing some action (file encryption, blocking the screen, etc.), and then demand money for the abolition of this act. Secondly the Trojans, which can be used for various purposes, such as espionage, collecting personal information, steal passwords, and more. We'll tell you how to get rid of these types of viruses to completely clean your computer, and protect it from future infections.


How to remove Zzzzz virus and decrypt .zzzzz files

Locky ransomware strikes again and now it is called Zzzzz. Here you will find the easy and safe method to remove this ransomware from your PC, as well as the advices on file recovery.


.Osiris file virus removal guide and decryption tips

In this article we’ll tell you about Osiris ransomware, its features and ways to remove it from your computer. Also we have all information about avoiding Osiris and all other viruses of this kind.


GoldenEye virus removal guide and decryption tips

GoldenEye ransomware is a dangerous virus from Petya+Misha ransomware family. This article is dedicated to this virus, methods to remove it and ways to avoid it in future.


How to remove SPC Optimizer easily


Today we will talk about SPC Optimizer – a suspicious program from Suresh Technologies, its strengths and weaknesses, and the reasons to remove it.

What is Drive.bat virus and how to get rid of it


This is an article about Drive.bat shortcut virus, methods to remove it, and ways to recover the files.

How to remove CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker


In this article we’ll teach you how to deal with CIA Special Agent 767 Screen Locker: we have simple methods to unlock your screen and to remove this tool from your PC.

MERRY I LOVE YOU BRUCE ransomware virus removal

Today we will talk about the mysterious program that secretly penetrates the user's computer, and encrypts files. This program is now known as the Merry I Love You Bruce, although in fact it is called Merry Christmas or Merry X-Mas. For the first time we have found it at the end of 2016, and everyone hoped that it will disappear shortly after the New Year holidays. Alas, these hopes did not materialize, and the program still operates.

How to remove Philadelphia ransomware and restore the encrypted files

This article will help you to get rid of infamous Philadelphia Ransomware. We will explain you what is ransomware, how it got into your PC, how to remove it and how to decrypt the corrupted files.


How to remove Advanis tech-support scam


This article will help you to avoid new tech-support scam, called Advanis. We will explain how this program got into the PC and how you can get rid of it.

Matrix Ransomware Virus - How to remove and decrypt files

Guide how to delete Matrix Ransomware Virus virus and decrypt files corrupted by ransomware. Effective antivirus and programs that can restore lost information.




Acronis suggestion to CrashPlans users

Around a month ago, there was an accident with CrashPlans backup software.

What is MicTrayDebugger and is it dangerous

This is a brief entry about MicTrayDebugger: what is it, how it appeared in the system, is it dangerous and how to get rid of it.

What is HoeflerText and is it dangerous?


This article is dedicated to the fraud scheme that is called HoeflerText font wasn't found. We will explain you what is this scheme and how to avoid it.

What is Wpad.dat virus and how it is used

The topic of our today's article is a script that had been unjustly called a virus. It’s Wpad.dat, and it is not a virus. We will explain what is Wpad.dat and how to prevent fraudsters to deceive yourself with its help.


Cancer virus trollware

This is an article about crazy Cancer virus and the madness that it brings to victim's computer.

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